NKR Official Delegation Visits USA


Noyan Tapan
Armenians Today
Jun 28 2006

the framework of the working visit of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic’s
delegation to the United States of America, NKR National Assembly
Chairman Ashot Ghoulian and the Republic’s Foreign Minister Georgy
Petrossian arrived in Boston.

On June 23, the NKR Parliament Speaker and Foreign Minister visited the
House of Representatives of the state of Massachusetts where they met
with Deputy of the Parliament Rachel Kapriyelian and advisor to Speaker
on Healthcare Issues Chris Hager. In the course of the meetings issues
concerning mutual cooperation in the sphere of education, culture,
and healthcare, as well as parliamentary activity were discussed.

Then the NKR delegation met with the members of the Council of editors
of the "Boston Glob" newspaper. During the conversation the current
state of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict settlement peace process
and social-economic situation in Artsakh were touched upon. The NKR
representatives replied to different questions of journalists.

In Boston the official representatives of Nagorno Karabakh also
had meetings with representatives of the leadership of the Armenian
Assembly of America (AAA) Caroline Moughar and Anthony Parsamian. The
issues connected with the relations’ expansion between AAA and the
NKR authorities were discussed.

According to the NKR Foreign Ministry Press Service, in the evening NKR
National Assembly Chairman Ashot Ghoulian and NKR Minister for Foreign
Affairs Georgy Petrossian visited Armenian Cultural and Educational
Centre where they met with the leadership of the Armenian organizations
of the state of Massachusetts. After the meeting a public event took
place. During the meeting an important contribution of the USA Armenian
community to the development of Artsakh was noted. They also spoke
about the necessity of the participation of the Diaspora Armenians
in the confrontation to the challenges facing Nagorno Karabakh. The
official representatives of Artsakh answered the questions of the
participants of the meeting, which mainly related to economic, social
and cultural spheres.

On June 24, a meeting was held at Sam and Aida Bedjakians place
where a number of American philanthropists of Armenian origin were
present. During the meeting the NKR representatives on behalf of
the people of Nagorno Karabakh expressed their gratitude to their
compatriots from the USA for the consistent assistance which was being
rendered to Artsakh. In their turn, the Armenian businessmen of America
confirmed once more their readiness to support the Nagorno-Karabakh

The working visit of the NKR delegation to the USA is ongoing.

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