BAKU: Rene Van Der Linden: "PACE Special Group Will Debate On Fires


Today, Azerbaijan
June 28 2006

The Council of Europe Secretary General Terry Davis wished that the
Nagorno Karabakh conflict be resolved by peaceful way soon and stressed
the importance of both parties taking interest in the resolution.

The Secretary General stated these while responding to the question
of an Armenia journalist in the news conference in the frames of the
PACE Summer Session.

As APA reports, Mr.Davis stated Azerbaijanis also lived in Nagorno
Karabakh alongside with Armenians and regretted for the delay of the
resolution of the conflict.

"This conflict should be taken serious, and solution ways should be
found as soon as possible. However, use of force by any parties is
unacceptable. Both sides already suffered loss of life during these
years, and I denounce these," Terry Davis said.

PACE President Rene van der Linden also held a pres conference.

Responding to the question of APA Europe correspondent regarding recent
massive fires in the occupied Azerbaijani territories set by Armenians,
the PACE President said the issues of preventing fires in forests and
massive fires will be discussed at the sitting of the Summer Session
June 30.

Mr.van der Linden also said PACE special group will debate the issue
on fires in Nagorno Karabakh. He noted that it would be advisable
if rapporteur for Nagorno Karabakh conflict Rassel Johnston in his
report touches on the issue of preventing these fires.

"Such cases caused by one of the parties to the conflict are very
unpleasant," Rene van der Linden said.

The PACE President considers happening of such cases due to the lack
of dialogue between the parties.


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