The Government Ignores The Strikers


[05:58 pm] 22 June, 2006

Today the residents of Main and Northern Avenues and the Dalma
gardeners as well as a group of citizens supporting them organized
a rally opposite the government building.

Meanwhile a session was convened with the participation of all
ministers in the government premises. As usual the strikers’ attempts
were in vain; they were ignored by our high-rank officials.

The strikers kept on shouting, "Go away, thieves!"

According to Vachagan Hakobyan, who deals with the problems of Northern
Avenue they came to get an answer to their letter. "The government sent
us to the Municipality, and the latter sent us to the Prime Minister,"
complains Vachagan Hakobyan.

Not achieving any results the strikers headed to the UNO Yerevan
Office. They call on the UNO to protect their rights. "We twice
released letters to them but they answered that the matter is beyond
their liabilities and they are not entitled to interfere.

Today they told us to present application once more.

If they don’t respond to our demand this time either we shall apply
to Kofi Anan," ended Vachagan Hakobyan.

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