Ter-Petrosyan Will Come Forward When He Decides


21 June 06

One of the topics of the debate between Samvel Nikoyan, Republican,
and Andranik Hovakimyan, All-Armenian Movement, was the upcoming
parliamentary election.

According to the deputy leader of the All-Armenian Movement, it is
pointless to speak about a political National Assembly unless the
situation changes, because everything will be decided beforehand.

"It is not important what costumes they will be wearing, liberal or
nationalist. Especially that these notions are distorted, and it is
not clear who a liberal is, for instance." As a result, according
to the representative of the All-Armenian Movement, the parliament
will again be appointed. The coalition does not have a role in this
matter. "There are centers, known to everybody, which predetermines
everything." Andranik Hovakimyan disagrees to the accusation that
the All-Armenian Movement is passive. According to him, the reason
is the wrong idea about political activities, for by saying activity
most people understand protest meetings.

"The society is devoid of the right to vote, and distrust towards
political parties is growing, their role diminishes," says the deputy
leader of the All-Armenian Movement, adding that even the political
parties in power are devoid of the possibilities of a political
party. "We know the degree of our possibilities," objects Samvel
Nikoyan. According to him, nothing strange happened.

"The home political sphere is a little calm, but there are also
internal processes, there is nothing unpredictable. The emergence
of new political parties and the divorce of the Orinats Yerkir Party
and the coalition are significant events." By the way, the Republican
suggests, "The home political processes and developments, suspension
of arrangements cannot be related to foreign political problems. Arthur
Baghdasaryan said what he had stated a year ago in Maydan."

Andranik Hovakimyan declined to publish the political platform of
the All-Armenian Movement. He only said that Ter-Petrosyan will come
forward when he decides.

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