"If It Was My Flat, I Would Think To Move Into Or Not"

Margaret Yesayan

15 June 06

The NA chairman Tigran Torosian says.

The members of the commission of Venice have mentioned in Yerevan that
for holding normal elections in Armenia we need in normal Â"Electoral
CodeÂ", do you agree with such appraisals, do we only need in it?

We need in not only the Â"ECÂ". I clearly said during the NA chairman’s
elections that we must reform the omissions in the code by all means
but the formation of necessary moral-psychological atmosphere, inter
party relations are very important, too. I’m sure that our parties
aren’t enemies, they are rivals, partners, though the relations
sometimes turn into hostility. The most important thing is this and
if all parties realize this, they will understand that they have
a lot of general interests and profits, in connection with holding
elections corresponding to all standards. Here what we must be able to
provide. We must hope that the coming year will give an opportunity
to form the necessary moral-psychological atmosphere though with
small steps. This isn’t less important, than the Â"ECÂ" amendments,
the use of constitutional amendments in life, than any other action.

What kind of impression do you get when you look at the hall of
parliament as the NA chairman, is there any change?

My approaches, principles, opinions are never changed in filling or
leaving any post. I know my partners very well, we have worked together
for 7 years and I have been the NA deputy chairman for 7 years, so
there is nothing I didn’t know but knew now. I have enemies neither
in the parliament nor among parties. I have a lot of friends and I’d
be very glad if we managed to regulate this atmosphere using these
relations. Certainly I can guess that it will seem to some people
as something romantic, but I’m optimist in general. In any case we
should do our best.

Do you share the standpoint that becoming the NA chairman the situation
of the RPA became difficult as the responsibility was increased and
that selection was made for a special intention; to Â"spoilÂ" your
party before parliamentary elections.

No, I don’t share that standpoint, I don’t agree with it. We
have always declared that we are completely responsible for the
events in the country and for those good things, which are done in
the country, and for those omissions, mistakes that exist in the
country. Unfortunately we speak less about good things, though I
think it is worth to speak about good things.

There were publishments in the press that you were moving into
governmental summer residence, have you already moved?

No I haven’t, and I’m glad that I have an occasion to speak about
it. First of all I must say that I have decided to move but the
strangest thing is that that the publishment of the press was invented
and anonymous. But the most amusing thing was that I didn’t live in
that flat on Mashtots avenue for 7 years. So I can’t go out everyday
from there and not greet neighbors. The flat where I live with my
family isn’t ours. And I think the state official who is offered to
live in such conditions mustn’t refuse of it and keeps living in
a flat, which doesn’t belong to him. If it would my flat, I would
think to move into summer residence or not. But in this case it can
be very strange thing and can cause some appraisals with political
context. For that reason I have decided to move.


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