Who Will Replace Russian Troops In Javakheti?


14 June 06

Shirak Torosyan, the chair of Javakhk Association, says the people of
Javakheti protesting against the withdrawal of the Russian military
base are concerned about their security. He stated this June 14 at
the Pastark Club. Shirak Torosyan says the withdrawal of the Russian
military base is the problem of Russia and Georgia, and should be
settled by them. The chair of Javakhk Association says the Armenians
of Javakheti are concerned about the security gap that emerged after
the withdrawal of the Russian military base. Shirak Torosyan says the
presence of the Russian military base makes the Armenian population
of Javakheti feel more secure, therefore they are concerned about
who is going to replace the Russian troops.

Shirak Torosyan thinks that the presence of the Georgian military
force in Javakhk is unacceptable, for history showed that Georgian
soldiers do not behave properly, giving rise to problems with the local
population. “In other words, the presence of the Georgian troops will
be constantly threatening by skirmishes. This is evident.

If the NATO forces are stationed, it arouses concern that NATO member
Turkish troops may arrive here. This uncertainty worries the people
of Javakheti more than their unemployment,” says Shirak Torosyan.

According to him, the Russian military base was employment and a source
of income for many of them, but unlike the economic consequence that
the Armenians of Javakheti may solve through economic migration or
farming, the problem of security will persist.

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