NATO Parliamentary Assembly delegation to arrive in Armenia

NATO Parliamentary Assembly delegation to arrive in Armenia
09.06.2006 15:30

June 12-14 the joint delegation of the Future Security and Defense
Capabilities Subcommittee of the Defense and Security Committee of
NATO’s Parliamentary Assembly and the Subcommittee on Democratic
Governance of the Committee on Civil Dimension of Security will arrive
in Armenia.

June 12 the delegation is scheduled to meet the associated delegation
of RA National Assembly to NATO’s Parliamentary Assembly, OSCE Deputy
Ambassador F. Kramp, Military Attaché K. Hofstrey and Head of
the OSCE Department of the Ministry of Foreign affairs V. Nersisyan.

The same day the delegation will meet RA Foreign Minister Vardan
Oskanyan, Head of RA Security Service Gorik Hakobyan, member of the
Commission to Fighti Corruption, Head of Staff of RA Government Manuk
Topuzyan, and NGO representatives.

June 13 meetings with Chairman of RA National Assembly Tigran Torosyan
and Defense Minister Serge Sargsyan are scheduled.

June 14 the joint delegation will leave for Georgia.

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