Foe of Regime Invites to Cooperate, Except Serge Sargsyan

10 June 06

Gurgen Yeghiazaryan, the former deputy minister of national security,
stated June 10 at the Azdak Club that he will ally with any political
force, which is against Robert Kocharyan. Gurgen Yeghiazaryan thinks
Kocharyan’s regime ruins the country.

`The exchange rate of the dollar is falling day by day, and some fools
are getting ready for the election. At the expense of our children and
us,’ says Gurgen Yeghiazaryan. He has not offered his proposal of
partnership to any political force. `I will offer when it is time,’
said the former national security official. He states that he is even
ready to ally with the Republicans if they are against Robert
Kocharyan. Serge Sargsyan does not have a chance of partnership with
Yeghiazaryan, however, even if he opposed Robert Kocharyan.

According to him, the president has not set up a team, which would
guarantee his leave and rest. The former national security official
considers the option of Serge Sargsyan impossible, even in a country
with such an obedient public as Armenia. He says the regime also
realizes this.

`I think they have calculated that this is impossible to fulfill even
in Armenia. Even in Armenia, because we are one of the most obedient,
most compliant, most lamb nations of the world,’ says Gurgen

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