Delays in Talks are not Beneficial for Both Sides

AZG Armenian Daily #107, 10/06/2006

Karabakh issue


Peace Is Priority in Karabakh regulation

Yesterday, Seyran Avagian, Armenian president’s counselor, and
Aleksandr Manasian, export at the Academy of Political Analysis,
discussed at the “Hayeli” club the situation over Nagorno Karabakh
conflict after the Bucharest meeting. Manasian set apart the
Rambouillet and Bucharest meetings as in both cases there seemed to be
a document put forward for signing and this is evidence that the
mediators have entered a new stage. Azerbaijan’s stance is also
undergoing certain alteration but, Manasian said, some resolutions
that can work in our interests are used by Azerbaijan.

The expert thinks that the initiative now is on Azerbaijan’s
side. Turning to the arrival of Azerbaijani deputies to Yerevan on the
sidelines of Black Sea Economic Cooperation session, Manasian
indicated journalist their shortcomings in the interview with the
Azerbaijani delegate. In particular, Manasian says, the journalists
should be prepared for the interview to retort to Azeri delegate’s
argument that there are 30.000 Armenians in Azerbaijan with questions
like these: do these 30.000 Armenians have non-profit organizations,
schools a church or do they live concealing their identity?

As to the delays in the talks, Manasian said that it’s more important
that during these delays the portrait of Karabakh conflict is changing
in Azerbaijan’s favor. Seyran Avagian, on his part, thinks that delays
are not doing any good to the sides. In the latter’s words, the last
meeting showed that Armenia really tends for peace. Meanwhile, by
militant statements and by delaying the negotiation process Azerbaijan
is making a futile attempt to conceal its incapability to go for
political solutions.

Touching upon resolutions and approaches within the framework of
Karabakh regulation, Aleksandr Manasian stated that we have a number
of issues that need to be settled; particularly if we proceed from the
Kars Treaty then it’s Armenia who territories are occupied, for
instance Nakhijevan.

By Aghavni Harutyunian

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