Is Trafficking A National Problem?

19:23 08/06/06

Americans Have Found New Way Of Spending Their Credits

In a recent US State Department report on Human Trafficking Armenia
has appeared in 2nd group. This ‘status’ granted by State Department
is stricter than last year. Jon Miller, US State Secretary Adviser has
delivered this “misfortune” to the Armenian government recently at US
Embassy in Armenia. The report supports why Armenia has appeared in
“specially monitored list”. One of the arguments says that “Armenian
authorities do not take necessary efforts to protect victims of
trafficking, do no punish those engaged in trafficking and do the
prevent the phenomenon.

“The report is based on information provided by several public
organizations (it must be said that some public organizations
exaggerate the figures in order to get bigger grants.) The State
Department has been more favorable to Azerbaijan and Georgia granting
them a more favorable status.

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