BAKU: We Support Azerbaijan’s Just Aspiration To Liberate ItsTerrito

Author: R.Agayev

TREND Information, Azerbaijan
June 8 2006

“We support Azerbaijan in its fair aspiration to liberate its
lands which are under [Armenian] occupation,” Ekmaleddin Ihsanoglu,
the Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Organization
(OIC), as stating to a news conference in Moscow on 7 June in reply
to question to Trend special correspondent.

“We support any peace talks between the sides. We support Azerbaijan
and call on Armenia to cooperation in international arena with all
who endeavor to the resolution of the conflict, no matter whether
within the framework of the OSCE Minsk Group, European Union, UN and
other international organizations,” he underlined.

Besides, Ihsanoglu spoke about the chairmanship of Azerbaijan at OIC.

“As to role of Azerbaijan as a chairing country, that it will take
at the next summit of the OIC in Baku at the level of the Foreign
Ministers, we are glad to see Azerbaijan in this position. I expect the
Baku meeting to yield positive results. It will come as the first of
OIC held in the former Soviet country CIS, where the communist regime
reigned. It leads to two major conclusion that Islam is striving
to refusal from extremist manifestations and on the other hand all
Muslim countries will feel that none of them is forgotten and lost. I
think all allies worldwide support this position, which have gained
independence recently and joined the OIC. No matter where they meetings
are held the conclusion will mirror that Islam is keen on moderation,
calmness and peaceable co-existence with all religions,” he said.

Touching upon the disorders staged by Azerbaijanis in Iran, the OIC
Secretary General noted that he did not have relevant information.

“However, I should say that in respect to these issues we came out from
the aspect of respect to the territorial integrity of the country,
urge all countries to respect the human rights and achieve peaceable
solution to all similar problems.”

Ihsanoglu also informed about the results of talks with Russian
present Vladimir Putin on the situation with Russian diplomats in
Iraq. The meeting also focused on the Palestinian issues.

In his turn Aslambek Aslakhanov, the adviser to the Russian
President, stated that soon there will be set up the construction of
shopping-hotel center business center in the Center of Moscow, which
will serve as a representation of the OIC member-countries. An area
with the square of 5h has been selected in this respect and accorded
with the Moscow’s Mayoral Office.

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