‘Namus’ to Open Golden Apricot Film Festival

AZG Armenian Daily #100, 01/06/2006



The first Armenian fiction movie “Namus” (honor) will open the 3d
Yerevan Golden Apricot International Film Festival due to be held July
10-15. The movie that celebrates its 80th anniversary this year was
only recently reconstructed. Armen Mazmanian, director of the
Festival, told yesterday’s press conference that the opening and
closing ceremonies of this year will vary from those of the last
year. This year’s celebration will be staged in Yerevan’s streets and
the official ceremony is going to be restrained and less flamboyant.

The list of fiction films is almost complete. In a week the lists of
documentaries and participants of the “Armenian Panorama” contest will
also be completed.

Program director of the festival, Mikael Stambultsian, is unsatisfied
with how the previous festivals were covered by the media and hopes
that this time journalists will more frequently touch on the movies’
content and quality. Part of the works of filmmakers from 58 countries
took part in other festivals as well. Asked if the Golden Apricot aims
at premieres only, Mikael Stambultsian said: “There are more film
festivals in the world than good movies.”

By Tamar Minasian

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