Tigran Torosyan Was Elected Speaker


01 June 06

The National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia has a new speaker.

In the voting on June 1 Tigran Torosyan was elected speaker. Of the
97 members of parliament present at the voting 94 voted for Tigran
Torosyan, one voted against, two votes were invalid.

“We must never become disappointed, on the contrary, I believe there
is always a way out and we must attend to our problems and assume
responsibility for those people who really have expectations from the
parliament,” announced the new speaker at the floor of the parliament,
thanking all those members of parliament who had voted for him. The
Republican Party, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, the United
Labor Party, Businessman Parliamentary Group and Orinats Yerkir had
endorsed Tigran Torosyan’s candidacy. The opposition did not vote,
announcing that the parliament is a mere tool in the hands of the

It should be noted that there was no one else to vote for in the
direct sense of the word. Tigran Torosyan was the only candidate,
nominated by Galust Sahakyan on behalf of the Republican faction.

Sahakyan managed to withdraw his candidacy. Member of Parliament
Hakob Hakobyan had nominated him, who had taken up this nomination
with great determination. Nevertheless, Tigran Torosyan ran for the
election alone. The entire parliament had been mobilized to guarantee
the outcome. Even those members of parliament had come, for whom
the visit to the parliament is like a pilgrimage they go on once or
twice a year. Throughout the voting, even before the results became
known, Tigran Torosyan received congratulations from these members
of parliament and thanked them for “coming and staying till the end.”

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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