Small States May Influence Super Powers, If They Have Big Policy

By Ruzan Poghosian

AZG Armenian Daily

Professor Allan Henrikson and Ambassador Stephen Bosworth delivered
lectures at the American University of Armenia. The first lecture was
entitled “Change in the Idea of Far and Near East and Its Influence
on Armenia,” while the second one was about “Big Policy of Small
States.” Professor Henrikson touched upon the foreign policy of USA,
focusing on the changes that took place in the course of the last few
years, particularly after the 9/11 terrorist act. He stated that USA
spared no sources and efforts to struggle against the international
terrorism, including the war in Iraq.

Besides the issue of Iraq, the US foreign policy is particularly
focused on the relations with the Eastern Asia, as China becomes
a serious opponent for USA due to the development level of its
economy. Taking into account this factor, the USA is rather concerned
about weakening its influence in the world.

Meanwhile, according to Ambassador Steven Bosworth, the small states
should have big diplomacy that would allow them influence the policy
of the super powers.

He stated that Armenia is among the small states that managed to draw
the attention of super powers to the issue of the Armenian Genocide’s
recognition and made them change their views on the phenomenon of

The USA was also influenced by the diplomacy of Armenia, as some of
the states of the country condemned the Armenian Genocide.

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