ANKARA: Turkish Premier, US Congressmen View Cyprus, Iran, Iraq,Arme


Anatolia news agency
30 May 06

Ankara, 30 May: “It is a must to lift unfair isolations and embargoes
imposed on [self-declared] Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
(TRNC),” said Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan when he met
the members of a US House of Representatives delegation in Ankara on
Tuesday [30 May].

Erdogan and delegation members focused on Cyprus, Iran, relations
between Israel and Palestine, Iraq and allegations regarding the
so-called Armenian genocide, during the meeting.

Erdogan said: “The TRNC is for peace and it should not be punished.

Also Greek Cypriot administration – which voted against [UN
Secretary-General Kofi] Annan plan – should not be rewarded. We expect
the United States to take new steps on this issue”.

Regarding Hamas, Erdogan said: “To assure the security is the first
thing to do to settle the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, and then,
road map should be re-activated. We support a solution based on
a two-state formula. Palestinian people should not be punished by
cutting humanitarian aid.”


“Turkey is for a fair solution,” said Erdogan regarding Iran issue.

As regards developments in Iraq, he indicated, “Kirkuk’s [northern
Iraq] status should be preserved. Deployment of joint efforts against
terrorist organization [PKK – Kurdistan Workers’ Party] is important.”

Erdogan also explained to his interlocutors Turkey’s position about
allegations regarding so-called Armenian genocide.

On the other hand, US Congressmen Roy Blunt and Steny Hoyer supported
Turkey’s suggestion to establish a commission of historians to study
the allegations (of the Armenians).

Hoyer noted that Turkey and the United States attach utmost importance
to security and stability in the Middle East and the world, adding
that elimination of terrorism is a priority for both countries.

Regarding Israeli-Palestinian dispute, Hoyer said that the United
States welcomes the message sent by Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah
Gul (to Hamas) asking it to give up terrorism and supporting two-state

Noting that statements of Hamas to destroy Israel by means of
terrorism caused uneasiness in the United States, Hoyer said that
they will not recognize Hamas as a legitimate interlocutor until it
gives up terrorism.

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