Political Elite Is Shocked


26 May 06

The statement of Garnik Isagulyan, the adviser to the President of
Armenia, that Robert Kocharyan is unlikely to run for the third term
and is reluctant to take up the post of prime minister, is apparently
the second significant event in the ruling elite of Armenia after the
resignation of Arthur Baghdasaryan.

The burning question of the day is what is going on with the
leadership of Armenia. This does not appear to be just a question
after a scrutiny of this information psychosis, following the
processes inside the authorities. Even one can see with the naked eye
that the influential figures in the leadership, the mass media that
work on them and `political scientists’ keep trumpeting one single
thing until their voice goes harsh: nothing has changed and nothing
can change in Armenia. However, since changes in the political life
of the country occur every day, it is more often confirmed that what
happened was due to the influential figures in power.

There are no more fools in Armenia. If they keep talking about the
`eternal peace,’ it means that the peace has been troubled. The rest
is simply an effort to stop the time and keep the state of things
unchanged. Since thisstate of things is related with the interests of
all citizens, it would be interesting to understand why all these
efforts resemble a psychosis and how the leadership tries to sustain
the shattered order.

In this context, one has to admit that this collapse of the Armenian
government camp would not be without a serious cause. And the main
cause is, in our opinion, the inconsistency of the political abilities
of the influential figures in power and the key members of the
government camp with the new political realities. The leadership does
not know how to behave. In fact, coercion and trade have become the
only means of holding power. The leadership has nothing to tell or
offer to the public. In other words, the present elite lacks political

On the other hand, there is another key cause: certain political
forces are beginning to use more effective political technologies. The
influence of these technologies on the political system is starting to
break the order in Armenia. In fact, one may state today that all the
links of power are shocked by the feeling that they are powerless in
this new reality. This state of shock is already apparent in public
speeches and opinions in press.

The apologetics of the existing order is amazing. Hence, its first
apologetist Hmayak Hovanisyan would not stop asserting that there is
no remedy to this order, for it is so immoral and corrupt that nothing
can change it.

Subsequently, they suggest admitting it and legalizing the existing
reality. In addition, Hmayak cannot explain why they start talking so
much about it when, according to him, nothing could trouble the

Hence, the leadership would even agree to be called criminal and
malefactor not to let anyone think that it cannot sustain itself. In
fact, the newspapers and `political scientists’ are paid to inspire
the public (and, more importantly, the members of the camp too) that
nothing can trouble the government and there is nothing they can do
but to admit.

The effect is amazing. The panic-stricken leadership starts taking off
its mask, believing deeply in the efficacy of this technology. Many
start believing seriously that power can be held by open crimes only,
which means that serious deconstruction is coming up in Armenia. This
will produce a natural effect: the members of the government camp will
try the fruits of terror. The businessmen-members of parliament have
already experienced this. Their mandates turned from a `roof’ into a
tool of enslaving in the handsof the persons who had given out these
mandates. Then the corps of electoral fraud will come.

The last will be the law enforcement agencies, for their patience is
wearing thin.

Hence, everything is in the hands of a new political pole, which will
be ready to take up power in Armenia. The present government has run
out of resource. They are merely trying to stop the time, as
`clutchers at straws.’ Robert Kocharyan has perhaps realized this,
letting everyone know that he can seea better future for himself than
the Armenian actualities. His brothers-in-arms would not believe it,
and they even feared publishing Robert Kocharyan’s remarks performed
by Garnik Isagulyan. It means they also feel that the time of the
elite has expired in Armenia. They simply do not know what to do. The
new ones will show them what to do.


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