“Vindictiveness And Rancour”


[09:51 pm] 25 May, 2006

Which criteria did NCTR and Grigor Amalyan guide by while embattling
“A1+”. Let us present you the opinions of the representatives of the
RA political parties.

Stepan Demirchyan, leader of “Justice” faction, ” Once more the
administration of the country proved by this step that they are afraid
of having unbiased and impartial media.”

To tell the truth, I didn’t have any illusion, “With the
embattlement of “A1+” the procedure of the 2003 election frauds
initiated. At present we are on the threshold of new elections and
this administration cannot naturally allow the existence of even
free radio station. If they had a chance they would surely deprive
“Radio Free” of its broadcast license.”

Vahan Hovhannesyan, NA deputy, member of Republican Party, “The
contests are not always held impartially in Armenia. I cannot say
for sure whether this time the results of the competition are based
on the justice or not. I can say the same thing for each contest,
starting from constructive one and finishing with the journalistic
one. I didn’t follow the current of the competition. ”

Aghasi Arshakyan, member of “National Unity,” claims, “This act once
more testifies to the fact that we go ahead with vindictiveness and
rancour. It is the result of willfulness, compulsion of a haughty
man who guided by vindictiveness and rancour.”

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