They Did Their Business “Neatly”


[12:37 pm] 25 May, 2006

Today the National Commission on Television and Radio (NCTR) decided
that the RA citizens don’t need the radio station “A1+” the slogan
of which was to be, “Listen to us and recognise yourselves.”

The contest packets for FM 90.3 MHz and FM 90.7 MHz radio frequencies
were opened on April 7 so we can say for sure that 48 days are
enough for the NCTR members to make all the necessary “consultations”
and comparisons.

Let us remind you that the rivals of “A1+” for the same radio frequency
in the above mentioned competition were “Ulyss-Media” on the one hand
and “Radio-Pro” on the other hand.

We shall inform you about today’s session of the NCTR more thoroughly