Vladimir Kazimirov: Back Discussions And Debates,Not Disgraceful Com

Tatul Hakobyan

22.05.2006 17:25

May 20 the Pyotor Burdikin, Russian Charge d’Affair in Baku, was
called to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan. Deputy
Foreign Minister Khalif Khalifov expressed his complaint over
“the latest intentional statements” of Vladimir Kazimirov, Former
Russian Co-Chair of the OSCE Minsk Group on the Karabakh conflict,
Head of the Foreign Relations Department of the Presidents Office
Novruz Mamedov said at a briefing today. He called attention to ”
Kazmirov’s statements about the Presidnet of Azerbaijan, which are
far from being diplomatic.” Particularly, the question refers to
Kazimirov’s statement that Aliev’s “military rhetoric distorts the
moral foundations of the society, exerts pressure over the psychology
of the young generation.” “Such statements about the leader of a
country are not permissible and exceed the limit of diplomatic ethics,”
Mamedov complains.

As it is known, May 17-19 the former Russian Co-Chair of the OSCE
Minsk Group Valdimir Kazimirov was in Yerevan to participate in the
scientific conference on “The dialogue of Civilizations” organized
by the World Armenian Congress.

Commenting upon the response from Baku, Vladimir Kazimirov said in his
interview to “Radiolur” correspondent, “The question has two faces:
first, since 2000 I have been a resigned diplomat and whatever I
say, I express my personal opinion, which has nothing to do with the
opinion of official Moscow.

Secondly, the reporter of “Panarmenian” Agency was not recording
the interview, but was working with a pencil. When the material was
issued, I asked to withdraw it from the website since the reporter
had understood many things incorrectly.”

Kazimirov refused to comment on the complaints of Baku. “It is a
question, which does not concern me and should be addreesed to Baku. I
back discussions and debates and I oppose making disgraceful comments,
This is all I can say.”

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