“Kocharyan Is At The Head Of Everything”


[07:31 pm] 22 May, 2006

The residents of the Kozern district will organize acts of complaint
opposite the President’s residence demanding the privatization of
their own houses.

Organizing acts of complaints in front of the Government and the
Yerevan municipality buildings and not getting any answers the
residents of the district realized that “Robert Kocharyan is at the
head of everything.”

“He must give the guarantees. The Government and the municipality have
been trying to deceive us for months. We will come here every day in
case of need,” Anahit Hovhannisyan, resident of the Kozern district
says. She thinks that the houses are not allowed to be privatized
on purpose as the district is considered a realization zone. Anahit
complains that people who have been living here for 70-100 years are
not allowed to privatize their houses, whereas the oligarchs who
came to their district 2-3 years go have already privatized their
houses. According to the residents, there are about 400 people living
in Kozern.

“Give us the possibility to keep our own property”, Sasoun Lazarian
demanded. He has decided to apply to the structures of the Armenian
Revolutionary Federation in the Armenian Diaspora and ask for help.

By the way, residents of other realization zones of the capital had
joined the participants of the act of complaint today.

Let us add that a number of policemen “protected” the President’s
residence. There were even more policemen than during the meetings
organized opposite the Government building. There were also children
among those gathered. Instead f going to school they had come to the
Baghramyan street together with their parents.