“The Greatest Problem Of The OYP Was Sergo”


[03:32 pm] 19 May, 2006

“The OYP was a project, not a party, and every project has its
beginning and its end,” Leader of the New Times Party Aram Karapetyan
announced in the National Press Club and noted that the OYP tried
to become a party and today only those people “who were in the party
and not in the project” remain there.

“But the greatest problem of the OYP was Sergo,” Aram Karapetyan
announced and added that he was member of the political team and if
he has left, he did not like the ideological tendency of the party, in
particular and announcements of the head of the party about membership
in the EU and in the NATO.

“That is to say, Sergo became a pro Russian body,” otherwise Aram
Karapetyan dose not understand what could make the founding member
of the party leave it.

But it is clear for Karapetyan and not only him that Sergo preferred
his chair.

By the way, Aram Karapetyan tends to think that the crisis is
controllable and he does not exclude the possibility that Kocharyan
and Baghdasaryan are involved in a political game together.

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