BAKU: Azeri Political Scientists About Resignation Of Armenian Speak

Author: S.Ilhamgizi

TREND Info, Azerbaijan
May 15 2006

The key reason for the Armenian speaker’s leaving from the government
coalition is his intention to take an active part in the parliamentary
and presidential elections, the chairman of Democratic Reforms
Party, MP Asim Mollazade, said. He was commenting on the resignation
of Armenian Speaker Artur Bagdasarian, and a crisis arisen in the
Armenian government, Trend reports.

He noted that the last developments in the Armenian government are
preparations for the parliamentary and presidential elections. The
forces striving for participation in the elections have been determined
and even Kocharian intends to nominate his candidacy. “A struggle
of political parties for presidency will start. One of reasons
for Bagdasarian’s resignation is linked with his intention of as an
oppositionist to take an active part in presidential and parliamentary
elections,” he said.

He noted that the reason for absence of progress in the resolution
of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict was linked with activities of
Kocharian’s activities.

In his turn Rasim Musabayov, a political scientist said that when
the pint reaches the adoption of an unfavorable resolution in the
resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, the Armenians are used
to win time through internal fictions. He did not exclude that the
similar developments in the current Armenian government.

Meanwhile, Musabayov said that collapse of Kocharian’s power does not
seem real for the time being, as the force bodies of the country are
under the control of Kocharian-Sarkisian tandem. He did not rule a
serious chaos within the country.

“This is a bilateral process. On the one hand the people in Armenia
are sick and tired of the current situation in Armenia, which makes
the authorities elected through democratic way to search other ways.

It crosses through the settlement of the problem with Azerbaijan,”
Musabayov stressed.

He does not expect tension in Armenia to cause changes in the
government soon. “Using his capacities Kocharian will try to collapse
the party led by ex speaker and maintain the parliamentary majority.

It testifies for weakening of Kocharian’s regime,” he underlined.

According to Zardust Alizade, a political scientist, the Armenian
did not resign on his own will. “I suppose there was an agreement. It
is a manifestation of Russia’s pressure. It can be caused by a rise
in Russian gas prices. Armenian wants to show that the number of
anti-Russian forces might grow in Armenia if Moscow continues economic
pressures. This is a game,” Alizade underlined.

He also noted that the ongoing political developments in Armenian
will not affect the negotiation process on Nagorno-Karabakh conflict
resolution, as Armenia does not take a unilateral position.

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