New Performance of Robert Sturua

AZG Armenian Daily #087, 13/05/2006



Recently, “The Styx” musical mystery by Gia Kancheli was performed at
the State Opera Theatre. The performance was staged by the famous
Georgian theatre director Robert Sturua.

Robert Sturua became famous in 1970s, when he began staging unique and
bright performances at the Rustaveli Theatre in Tbilisi.

The requiem composed by Gia Kancheli is dedicated to the memory of his
kin and friends. This musical piece was composed in 1999 for cello,
chorus and orchestra. Sturua staged a theatre improvisation based on
light effects, melodies and movements. The piece leads the spectators
to the old legends, to the secret of Life and Death, to the most
ancient times, at the same time reflecting the images of today’s
life. The joint masterpiece of Sturua and Kancheli is called “a
performance of no words” though there is still much to say and
express. The movements, the dances of the actors, the light effects,
music, voices fully reflect the idea of the piece.

Art critic Martin Mikaelian, who has watched the first performances
and the rehearsals of Sturua in 1970s, said the following when
commenting on the last performance of the master: “Mr. Sturua must be
the most “musical” theatre director among his colleagues throughout
the world. While the influential directors of the world stage attack
the spectators with harsh and tragic emphasis, our great friends
Sturua conquers the hearts of art lovers by the gentleness and beauty
of the theatre’s tongue.”

By A. Amirkhanian

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