Theater Figures Mark Kim Arzumanian’s 80th Birth Anniversary


Noyan Tapan
May 10 2006

YEREVAN, MAY 10, NOYAN TAPAN. The jubilee evening held on May 10 at
the Theater Figures’ Union of Armenia was dedicated to the 80th birth
anniversary of RA Honored Art Figure, prominent producer, theatrical
pedagogue, professor Kim Arzumanian. As Honored Art Figure Alexander
Kocharian mentioned, Kim Arzumanian started his stage activity from the
Theater of Young Spectator, then continued at the Gabriel Sundukian
National Academic Theater and at Hakob Paronian Theater of Musical
Comedy. Later, in 1951, he worked at the Armenian radio where he staged
34 radio performances. Then, starting to work at the television,
he produced 40 TV performances, which have not lost their freshness
now, many years later. Several generations of Armenian producers were
formed during the pedagogical activity of the talented art figure. As
A.Kocharian estimated, Kim Arzumanian, coming to TV from the stage,
was able to skilfully see the essential difference between the stage
and the video camera: “The very first performance produced by him made
it clear that the theater producer naturally became a TV producer”. The
prominent producer has always been the apologist of the classical,
traditional and realistic. “In his theatrical works he has been loyal
to the principles of the realistic theater and has not accepted the
temporary “tricks” penetrating into the art the course of time,”
A.Kocharian emphasized. Kim Arzumanian has staged 17 performances
for the theater, among which the most noteworthy are the “Mijnord
Ter Papa” and the “Madame San-Jem”. Kim Arzumanian’s “Sayat-Nova”
film is being warmly spoken about by the people up to this day. It
was repeatedly shown on TV at the viewers’ request.

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