Channel One Not To Stop Broadcasting

14:31 10/05/06

Russian Channel One will not stop broadcasting in Armenia , TV 1 Head
Aram Arzumanyan, told Panorama.

am. “We have licensed the broadcasting and are not going to code the
air,” he said.

According to information on the official site of the TV company,
satellite signals from Russian Channel One will be coded as of May 25,
2006. The decision was based on the requirements of the international
law on author’s rights and standards set by International Broadcast
Union. .

According to IA REGNUM, piratical broadcast of Channel One will be cut
in Kirgizstan by coding of the signals. The Channel One CIS will not
differ in its programs from Channel One. Channel One CIS will broadcast
in Middle East, Caucasus, including Armenia, PR Manager of Marketing
Department of Channel One Russia WorldWide Dmitri Bazilevich said.

According to a press release on the official site of the company
“Channel One CIS is specially created for Middle East and Caucasus” and
meets all international requirements for a TV product.

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