Each Day Reduces Chances to Find and Identify Victims


Each Day Reduces Chances to Find and Identify Victims

06.05.2006 15:37 GMT+04:00

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ The Operative Headquarters of the
Ministry of Extraordinary Situations (MES) does not
rule out that the Airbus merely crumbled away into
small pieces. This is evidenced by the fact that
within a long period of time MES representatives find
only small fragments, including passenger seats, in
the water. «The seats were in the fuselage and if it
was safe, they would not be scattered,» a MES expert
said. The Headquarters representative supposed that at
the depth of 680 meters, near the flight recorders
there are small parts as well. According to the MES,
some 10% of fragments of the airbus are lifted from
the Black Sea bottom.

Though French and Russian experts promised to look for
corpses of the victims until possible, experts hold
that at a great depth and under the pressure they very
quickly decompose and each day reduces the chances.

~SIt is not ruled out that the flight recorders will
stay on the bottom forever. The depth, where the A-320
fragments are found is a record one, thus I am not
ready to forecast the chances to lift the flight
recorders. We do not have experience of lifting planes
from that depth,~T the Russian Minister of Transport
Igor Levitin said, reports Gazeta.ru.

Several planes collapsed at approximately the same
place in 1972, 1976 and 2001. Their flight recorders
were never found.


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