To Be On The Open Attack Of “Unfree”

Tigran Avetisian
02 May 06

There is no international organization, which mark the degree of the
freedom of the press, which said some positive words to the address
of Armenia in last two years. The establishments round the CIC,
aren’t counted, of course.

”Unfree”. Here the true stamp which sounds like a decree which
is put down our foreheads from time to time. But it seems that the
people who are responsible for that don’t worry about. Perhaps with
the help of having political immunity. The most pitiful thing is
that the society can’t understand why they need in the freedom of
the press in this so called transitional period. And the days like
“April 12” come to terror people and assure them that free speech in
our country is dangerous for the health and life.

As a result, the following intention becomes dominant; “We hardly get
on with, what do we do that freedom of the speech”. While the freedom
of the speech has very useful meaning for which we must “fight”. Let’s
imagine that true reports are broadcasted and published about corrupted
officials, narrow-minded deputies and oligarchs all day long. Be sure
that the society will be self cleaned and the life will become fairer
and more bearable.

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