They Already Want Money

From: Sebouh Z Tashjian <[email protected]>
Subject: They Already Want Money



[04:25 pm] 28 April, 2006

Today the Committee Regulating Public Relations convened a session to
discuss the application of the company `Yerevan
Water’. According to the application, the company offers to raise
the tariffs of water to 172.8 AMD instead of 125 AMD.

The Committee decided to postpone the session for a month because of
the unfinished processed in the contract between the company and the
RA Government. Let us remind you that in 2005 a competition was
announced the winner of which would take care of the water supply of
Yerevan. The winner was the French organization `General des
eau’ which created the company «Yerevan Water».

It is noteworthy that the company has not yet started its activity in
Armenia but has already managed to send an application to raise the
tariffs of water. The company has signed an agreement for ten years
and has taken up the commitment to make an investment of 17.6 million
Euros. By the way, in the contract they promised to raise the tariffs
to 172.8 AMD for the coming three years. After three years the tariffs
were to be reduced every year and to reach 75 AMD.

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