Jim Torosian And Gegham Grigorian Given Surb Sahak – Surb Mesrop Ord


Noyan Tapan
Armenians Today
Apr 27 2006

Catholicos of All Armenians handed on April 22 at the Mother See of
Holy Etchmiadzin the “Surb Sahak – Surb Mesrop” order to prominent
architecture Jim Torosian and Gegham Grigorian, the Artistic head
of the Yerevan Alexander Spendiarian Opera and Ballet National
Academic Theater, for their services to the Armenian culture and
great contribution. As Noyan Tapan was informed by the Information
Services of the Mother See, the ceremony of giving the orderes was
opened by the speech of Archbishop Nerses Pozapalian, the monk of
the Mother See. Archbishop Pozapalian touched upon Jim Torosian’s
and Gegham Grigorian’s creative life way and productive work, then
thanked His Holiness for the attention constantly paid to Armenian
artists and appreciation of cultural figures. Professor Varazdat
Haroutiunian and poet Seyran Zakarian presented their thoughts about
Jim Torosian’s and Gegham Grigorian’s life and activity. Then the
Patriarchal holy condacks were brought and read by Bishop Arshak
Khachatrian and Bishop Paren Avetikian under the sounds of the “Ej
Miatsinn i Hore” church song. “Dear Mr.Torosian, great and valuable
is Your contribution in life of our people. The productive activity
of long years that blessed by the God, has been resulted with valuable
implementations, worthly classified Your name near famous names of the
Armenian architecture. … We touch upon with special satisfaction Your
services to the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin which are expressions of
Your sensere love and devotion towards our spiritual holy place. Being
a member of the Architectural Council of the Mother See, You assist
as much as possible to construction programs implemented by the Mother
See, using Your professional abilities for restoration of our historic
monasteries and and construction of new churches and church buildings,”
is said in the Patriarchal condack. “Today we touch upon with great
satisfaction Your cultural activity and productive contribution of
years. Your name as a winner of numerous competitions is widely known
in the Fatherland and out of its borders. … Today You continue
Your significant cultural activity with the same productiveness,
as the Artistic Head of the Yerevan A.Spendiarian Opera and Ballet
National Academic Theater, putting in Your skills and abilities in
making the Opera and Ballet National Academic Theater more prosperous
as well in the thankful affair of developing the music culture,”
is mentioned in the condack addressed to Gegham Grigorian. After the
condacks were read, His Holiness decorated Jim Torosian and Gegham
Grigorian with the “Surb Sahak-Surb Mesrop” order. After giving the
orders, Jim Torosian and Gegham Grigorian said the world of their
heart to those present. The ceremony was closed by the speech of
the Catholicos of All Armenians. His Holiness again appreciated Jim
Torosian’s and Gegham Grigorian’s devotiom, love and faithfulness
shown by the productive activity towards the Armenian people and the
Armenian Apostolic Surb Church.