Aram Karapetyan Will Run For Presidency


[04:34 pm] 27 April, 2006

“Karapetyan’s incident was a complicated one,” according to the “New
Times” party chairman Aram Karapetyan’s sources Robert Kocharyan said
these words after the assault on his bodyguards and drivers.

Let us remind you that the workers of the NSS stopped Aram Karapetyan
and his companions’ cars and arrested his bodyguards suspecting them in
hiding weapons. The bodyguards were set free the same evening whereas
their gas guns haven’t been returned so far though they promised to
give them back on April 25. Aram Karapetyan doesn’t know the reason
of breaking the promise as the NSS is a closed institution. The
most interesting is the fact that the order to keep gas guns was
issued by the deputy chief of police Hovhannes Varyan. By the way,
when Aram Karapetyan inquired how his bodyguards can protect him
without their guns, he received the following answer to his question,
“with their arms.”

The guest of the “Pastark” club refuted his initiation of the
assault. “If I am able to buy Serge Sargsyan and the whole NSS I
can be inaugurated,” announced Aram Karapetyan. He was sure that
“special operation” was implemented by the 1st group of “Alfa.” He
is concerned with their professional level as, “They got frightened
instead of threatening us.”

In Karapetyan’s words, they wanted to threaten him for his alternative
position in order to show home and foreign representatives that
“there are the rulers of the country.”

“The power exertion in political field always has its side effect,”
says Aram Karapetyan qualifying the incident as a “nonsense.” He
is sure that there is political concern in Karabakh and Iran. He
claims that we shall have 150 000 refugees in case we have conflicts
with Iran.

Aram Karapetyans deems the Russian position towards Armenia quite
normal as they must speak to Armenia critically but at the same time
friendly. He calls on close cooperation with Russia up to the level
of confederation underlining that it is the only way for Armenia
to solve its matters. According to him Robert Kocharyan has already
discussed the idea of forming confederation with Russia.

By the way, Aram Karapetyan maintains that the only way to preserve
the country’s stability is to change the authorities. The party “New
Times” promises to realize changes in 2006. Asked the question when
exactly, Aram Karapetyan advised to turn to other political figure with
that question (perhaps he meant the chairman of the party “Republic”
Aram Sargsyan)

Tomorrow the party members will hold a meeting besides Matenadaran. The
strikers will shout, “Gorik, go away,” instead of “Kocharyan, go away”
demanding the chief of the NSS Gorik Hakobyan to resign for his illegal
engagement into political procedures and for his non professionalism.

By the way, Aram Karapetyan calls on Opposition not to participate in
the NA 2007 elections lest anything changes in political sphere. In
response to the question of “A1+” about his participation in the
following presidential elections he said, “By all means.”

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