Recognition of NKR to Be Important Factor of Regional Stability andS


Recognition of NKR to Be Important Factor of Regional
Stability and Security

22.04.2006 20:40 GMT+04:00

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ Deputy groups and factions of the
National Assembly (NA) of Nagorno Karabakh have issued
a statement on the Azeri-Karabakh conflict. It
specifically says, ~SArguing that the declaring of the
Nagorno Karabakh Republic (NKR) and political and
legal steps that issued from the Declaration were in
line with international law basic principles, as well
as the legislation of the former Soviet Union,
emphasizing that the Azeri Republic did not use the
opportunity to settle issues with the NKR via
dialogue, while holding a blockade and resorting to
illegal use of force and not giving up the state
policy of solving the issue by force until now, we
assure we are committed to a comprehensive settlement
of the conflict. Deputy groups and faction of the NKR

– qualify the Azeri-Karabakh armed confrontation in
1991-94 as aggression of Azerbaijan against the NKR,
while further actions of the NKR are exercising the
inhered right of a people to self-defense, provided by
article 51 of the UN Charter and the current reality
in the conflict zone are consequences of the Azeri

– based on the Bishkek Cease-Fire Protocol and the
agreement in effect, which are ratified by
plenipotentiary representatives of the NKR, mediators
and signatures, officially recognized by Armenia and
Azerbaijan, as well as the Final Act of the OSCE
Budapest Summit and other documents, where the NK is
recognized as a party to conflict, address the OSCE
Council of Ministers a solicitation to respect the NKR
full participation in the talks on settlement of the
conflict, in case of absence of which any decision
will not have force.

– express their confidence that recognition of the
democratic and viable NKR formed by a universal will
on December 10, 1991 is fully within the frames of
contemporary reality and will be an important factor
of regional stability and security.

– inform on the current statement the OSCE
Chairman-in-Office, parliaments of the OSCE Minsk
Group member states, Parliamentary Assemblies of the
OSCE, CE, NATO and the European Parliament,~T reports
IA Regnum.

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