Furure Historians Noticed Today


15:14 22/04/06

Today a conference dedicated to the 91st anniversary of the Armenian
Genocide was held in Armenian State Pedagogical University during
which the paintings and the sculptures of the University students were
also exhibited. As the president of Students’ Scientific Union of the
University Georgy Gabrielyan mentioned in the talk with Panorama.am
the conference and the exhibition aimed at giving a new meaning and
evaluation to the Armenian Genocide.

During the conference students of different faculties appeared with
reports. Particularly 2nd year student at Psychological and Pedagogical
department R.

Sargsyan touched upon revengefulness as a psychological
phenomenon. Listening to all those reports and being the scientific
head of some of them the dean of Faculty of History, Professor Mher
Karapetyan assured that the existence of the future generation of
historians is secured as they are able to touch upon the inexhaustible
topic of the genocide and even say new words about it. /Panorama.am/

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