Package Of Documents With Stage-By-Stage Solutions

14:52 19/04/06

Today the 8th session of the Committee of EU – Armenia Parliamentary
Cooperation ended its work. Questions about NKR status and conflict
regulation were discussed during the session. Co-chair of the Committee
Armen Roustamyan mentioned that the variant, saying that first the
territorial and then the status problem must be solved, suggested by
the Azeri side is impossible.

“This question cannot be regulated unless the reason of the conflict
is removed,” the Deputy said and mentioned that the agreement to be
signed is going to be a package of documents, of course the realization
can be stage-by-stage yet first of all there must be full agreement.

“To say that the relations of conflict sides are hostile today is
to say nothing. The situation is far more strained and serious, and
as a matter of fact both Azeri official bodies and political figures
contribute to that,” the Deputy says. Yet, in the meantime he assures
that the Armenian side doesn’t want to start a new war and that it
would be right if the international institutions watched by means of
satellites and make sure which side breaks the ceasefire from time to
time. Then there will be no victims as a result of those “accidental”

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