EU Against Nuclear Plant

20 April 06

The Co-chair of the EU-Armenia Parliamentary Cooperation Committee
Marie Anne Isler Beguin announced April 19 in Yerevan that during
all the talks with Turkey the EU raises the issue of the Armenian
genocide. The EU which recognized the Armenian genocide in 1985 did
not change, noticed Marie Anne Isler Beguin. She said a country, such
as Turkey, which keeps its borders closed for its neighbor, cannot
become member of the EU. According to Ms. Marie Anne Isler Beguin, the
membership of Turkey is greatly determined by this question as well.

The session of the EU-Armenia Parliamentary Cooperation Committee was
held at the National Assembly, and on these days photos picturing
vandalism against Armenian monuments in neighboring countries are
displayed in the building of the Armenian parliament. The EU delegation
saw these pictures and watched a documentary film about the demolition
of Armenian khachkars in Nakhidjevan. Marie Anne Isler Beguin announced
that the EU is against demolition of any cultural heritage.

With regard to internal problems of Armenia, the EU representative
said there is no wish to leave Armenia without electricity but the EU
thinks that it is not a good idea to prolong the life of the nuclear
plant of Metsamor or to build another nuclear plant in Armenia. Armenia
should consider alternative energy sources.

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