Genocide Memorial Downtown Lyon

AZG Armenian Daily #069, 15/04/2006

Armenian Genocide


French President Expected to Take Part

With Turkey’s bid for the EU in mind, the Armenian
community of Europe has launched arrangements to
commemorate the 91st anniversary of the Armenian
Genocide. The French city of Lyon will host the main
event: erection of the Armenian Genocide Memorial in
the central square.

Lyon will become the first city with an Armenian
Genocide Memorial in the central square. French
officials will also be present at the unveiling
ceremony. Hilda Chobanian from the Hye Dat European
Office informs that President Jacques Chirac of France
is also expected to be present. The French-Armenians
are looking forward to see the president condemning
the Armenian Genocide alongside the new memorial.

In order to put up the memorial the Armenian community
of France created a committee two years ago that
managed to get the consent of Lyon mayor for a
memorial site.

Hilda Chobanian also informed that a memorial will be
erected in a Marseilles borough too, and numerous
arrangements will be held in Sweden, Norway, Italy,
Germany and all over Eastern Europe.

By M. Hovsepian