Reconstruction Of Educational Center Of RA Police To Finish In LateO


Noyan Tapan
Apr 13 2006

YEREVAN, APRIL 13, NOYAN TAPAN. The third, final stage of the
reconstruction works of the educational center of the RA Police started
on April 13. As Major General Ararat Mahtesian, the First Deputy of
the RA Police Chief mentioned at the event organized on that occasion,
roofs of the subsidiary building of the center have been fundamentally
restored, doors and windows were changed before that. It’s envisaged
to implement repairs of the shooting-ground, training grounds, the
educational subsidiary building during the third stage. According to
the contract, it’s envisaged to finish works in late October. Works of
reconstruction of the center preparing the staff of non-comissioned
officers for the RA Police are implemented on the account of the 500
thousand U.S. dollars allocated by the U.S. Government as well as
owing to the financial assistance of the Governments of Belgium and
Sweden. The reconstruction of the center is a part of the wide-spread
program of assistance to police implemented in 2004 by the OSCE Yerevan
Office. The main three directions of the program are reconstruction of
the educational center, working out of the educational program as well
as introduction of the model of community police in one of Yerevan
communities. According to A.Mahtesian, it’s envisaged to create new
fulcra by the model of community police where an attempt will be made
to solve the most part of issues jointly with the community councillor,
without taking the offender to the police department. The draft will be
implemented during the coming 1-2 years. Ambassador Vladimir Pryakhin,
the OSCE Yerevan Office head mentioned that assisting to formation
of the new democratic police in the post-Soviet territory is one of
the most important directions of the OSCE activity. The Ambassador
mentioned that it’s envisaged to invest about 1.5 mln dollars for
implementation of the RA police assistance program, at the same time,
the most part of that money will be directed not only to technical
assistance but to re-trainig of policemen. According to V.Pryakhin,
creation of the community police arises first of all from interests
of the inhabitation. The Ambassador mentioned that it’s envisaged to
create new points of public order by which the inhabitation will have
possibility of direct and close contact with representatives of the
police. It’s envisaged to continue in future implementation of the
program in the whole territory of Armenia.