BAKU: President Ilham Aliyev Visited Sheki Today


Azeri Press Agency, Azerbaijan
April 13 2006

President Ilham Aliyev has visited Sheki within his visit plan to
north-east region of Azerbaijan.

According to reporters from Sheki, President’s visit to Sheki
started in acquaintance with exhibits in Heydar Aliyev Museum in the
center of the city. Making a speech before the residents Mr.Alliyev
pointed out that government pays much attention to social-economic
development of regions. Noting the main problem in the country to
be unemployment and poverty, the state head stressed the planned
measures for liquidating of all these. According to Ilham Aliyev,
economic development of Azerbaijan last year reached to economic
indicators of 90s. Part of job places –350 thousand in the country,
according to President, falls to the share of Sheki, added that new
job places will be opened. The state head pointing out valuable
cultural-historical monuments in Azerbaijan, President said that
part of the analogical monuments in Sheki is repaired and part of
them will be repaired under the order of the President. Mr.Aliyev
in his speech has touched on the problem of destruction of claimed
Armenian monuments in Julfa: “This is fiction of Armenians. In fact,
historical monuments, mosques are destructed in the territories
of Azerbaijan occupied by Armenians. Last year when Fact-Finding
Mission of OSCE visited those places they did not find any safe
monument of Azerbaijan.” The state head of Azerbaijan has stated that
Armenians have always been busy in slander against Azerbaijan. Dealing
with religious endurance in Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev said that new
Catholic Church will be built in Azerbaijan recently. President Ilham
Aliyev after visiting Sheki Khan’s Palace visited “Sheki-Silk” Open
Joint Stock Company where he was informed about the activity of the
enterprise. It should be noted that the enterprise is employed 1600
employees being in general capacity of produce of 75 ton. The state
head within his visit framework concerned construction of module
type electric station which is built in Sheki. The state head was
informed that the electric station in the capacity of producing 87MVT
energy will be put into operation in August this year. President has
familiarized with the activity of brick plant with daily produce of
50 thousand number bricks where 130 employees work.

Azerbaijani President participated in a business-forum Sheki
Olympic Complex. Making a speech before Entrepreneurs said that all
round condition should be provided to entrepreneurs in Azerbaijan:
“Executive Power should not interfere the work of entrepreneurs. If
anybody wants to be busy with your business, do not let it, then
apply to law-enforcement bodies, in case of necessity you can apply
to me. Azerbaijani president supports Entrepreneurs. I ask you not
to be silent if you face this situation.” Credit in the amount of 813
thousand AZN was given to 11 entrepreneurs from – – Sheki, Zagatala,
Gakh, Balaken, and Gabala. At the end of the visit to north-east region
the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has held regional briefing
after which two-day visit program to Sheki-Zagatala was completed.

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