The Fate of <<A1+”>> Will Be Decided on May 25



[06:04 pm] 07 April, 2006

more images The applications received for the
competitions for the radio frequencies FM 90.3 and FM
90.7 MHz were unpacked today. The `Meltex’ LTD, that
is the TV Company `A1+’ participates in both
competitions. Its competitors were the `Ulysses’ LTD
in the firs competition and the `Radio-Pro’ LTD in the


On March 28 when we learned that «Ulysses-Media» LTD
participated in the competition for the radio
frequency FM 90.3 MHz, the «A1+» correspondent tried
to find out the telephone number of the company from
the information service. She was given the telephone
number of the cinema `Nairi’. When the information
appeared on the website of A1+, the representative of
`Ulysses-Media’ phoned us refuting the information and
promised to reveal their identity on the day of
unpacking the offers, that’s to say – today.

But there was no revelation. Asked by `A1+’ what they
had been engaged in by now Norayr Mkhoyan, the chief
producer of the `Ulysses-Media’ LTD answered, `Who
knows, knows, and who doesn’t, will learn it as time
goes by’. `Modern music channel for everyone’, this
was the definition the producer gave to their channel
which is to broadcast round the clock.

Gevorg Yeghiazaryan, head of the creative department
of the company represented the programs of the radio
station Ulysses. The program `Pastime’, «Radio-Video»,
«Hidden Microphone» and others will be broadcast by
«Ulysses». Once in every two hours a news program will
be broadcast. But the news will refer to the life of
the people from the show business.

In case of getting a license the company will make an
investment of 35 million AMD within the coming 7
years. 20 million AMD will be spent during the coming
year. 14 million of the sum will be spent on technical
equipment. By the way, before the broadcasting the
company will start an advertising campaign in
magazines. As for the staff, «they must have higher
education and must have a good knowledge of the
language», in this case Norayr Mkhoyan meant the
Armenian language.

According to him, «the company has computers, and
preliminary work is done to gather staff for making

Beside the fact that the head of «Ulysses-Media» is
Arthur Mouradyan, nothing else could be revealed about
the company. And the correspondent of the Radio
station «Azatutyun» managed to find out that the
judicial address of the company is Aleq Manoukyan – 5:
this is the address of the Radio House, as well as the
Public TV Radio Company.


Alexander Ter-Hovakimyan who represented the «Radio
Pro» LTD in the competition for the frequency FM 90.7
was more «open» with the journalists. He informed that
he is a doctor, head of the Doctor students’
Association of Armenia, head of five NGOs. He also
said that he is not member of any party.

The Company «Radio-Pro» was created especially with
the aim of participating in the competition as,
according to one of the founders Alexander
Ter-Hovakimyan, «If we look upon the radio as a field
of business, it is profit-making». As for how much
profit he expects to make, he did not reveal. The
company does not possess any equipment yet, but
according to Ter-Hovakimyan the 27 million AMD to be
invested for the coming year will be enough to get the
necessary equipment.

The Radio station of the «Radio Pro» will be called
«Radio Yerevan». Its programs will be called `Armenia
today’, `Javakhq today’, `Artsakh today’, `The world
today’, `Wicked tongues’, and others. As for the
staff, the problem has not been solved yet.

By the way, when one of the journalists tried to learn
where Alexander Ter-Hovakimyan’s face was familiar
from, he helped her to recall informing that he used
to play KVN, and now he is member of the KVN students
league jury.


This is the motto with which the `A1+’ Radio Company
will work, of course if the National Committee of
Television and Radio gives him the possibility. `Our
station will first of all be informative and
up-to-dated’, `A1+’ promises. All the technical means
possible will be used to secure round-the-clock

22 million AMD will be invested for enhancing the
activity of the company and the future development.
The sums received from the commercials will also be
used for the development of the radio station.
According to the calculations of the «A1+»
representative, if the cost of 1 minute of radio
commercial is established at least 1000 AMD, the
monthly income will be 12 000 USD.

«A1+» will broadcast radio programs for different
people 24 hours a day. 80% of the programs will be of
their own production. The volume of news programs will
be 35-40%.

Let us remind you that after being banned from air on
April 2, 2002, these are the 11th and 12th
competitions in which «A1+» is participating. And the
question if four years after closing down «A1+» will
have the chance to broadcast will get its answer on
May 25 after the decision of the National Committee of
Television and Radio.

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