The CIS and Baltic press on Russia – Armenia

The CIS and Baltic press on Russia

RIA Novosti, Russia
March 31 2006


According to the local press, Russia does not want to settle
conflicts in the South Caucasus. “Contradictions in Armenian-Russian
relations are fuelled by the fact that Russia supports the
establishment of totalitarian regimes in the Commonwealth of
Independent States, whereas Armenia links its future with democracy
and European integration.” (Azg, March 23.)

“Russia will do its best to keep up the pockets of paramilitary
tension in Karabakh, Ossetia and Abkhazia, because this allows it to
force all sides to do its bidding. This is logical, for Russia is
acting to satisfy its own interests. Moreover, Armenia has actually
become Russia’s stick used to influence different processes in the
South Caucasus.” (168 zham, March 24.)

The republican media write about a possible revision of Russia’s
stand on the independence of Kosovo. “Russia and China have hinted to
the United States that they would not hinder the adoption of a UN
resolution on Kosovo’s independence, preferring to abstain from
voting. The Bush Administration has convinced Moscow and Beijing that
the recognition of that country’s independence would not create a
precedent for the recognition of the independence of Chechnya, Tibet
and Taiwan. Analysts note that certain quarters in Moscow may
nevertheless use the example of Kosovo to request recognition for the
independence of Abkhazia and other separatist regimes.” (168 zham,
March 22.)

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