The School Is 75 And Poor

16:27 29/03/06

“No Armenian musical school has received musical instruments in the
last 30 years, informed the manager of Specialized Musical School after
Al. Spendiaryan Samvel Sahakyan at the press conference today. As he
said part of the instruments are out of order. There are no financial
means to buy new ones and the expenses grow. “In the Soviet times
the State financed musical schools. Today the expenses are covered
by means of the payments of the pupils.” Today the schools has 530
pupils and 72 teachers. The management of the school has turned to
the Municipality with the request to finance the activities dedicated
to the 75th anniversary of the school. And to everybody’s surprise
they received a positive answer. The Municipality is going to give 2
million drams to organize the ceremonies of celebration. The problems
of the school are not limited by the absence of heating system and
damaged instruments. As the manager said the school needs a repair
yet it “never appears in the list of schools to be repaired in the
scopes of LYNSI fund.”

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