Arman Melikyan: Azeri State Should Pay Penalty


Arman Melikyan: Azeri State Should Pay Penalty

25.03.2006 20:35 GMT+04:00

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ Each next phase of development of the conflict make
search for peaceful solutions more complicated. If in 1988 Armenians
of Karabakh still could discuss the question of enhancing their
autonomy status to the level of autonomous republic, at the moment of
concluding the cease-fire in 1994 no one in Karabakh could think of
autonomous status within Azerbaijan, NKR President’s Foreign Policy
Advisor Arman Melikyan stated during scientific and practical
conference titled Stability Models in the Black Sea/Caucasus
Region. In his words, each new attempt of the Azeri authorities to
solve the issue from the position of force posed the question of
securing the people and guaranteeing its survival before the NKR.
«On the other hand, it is apparent that Azeri authorities did not
search for political solutions to forced political demands of Nagorno
Karabakh. They tried to solve the issue by force, for which the Azeri
state should pay penalty and should recognize its responsibility for
sufferings of hundreds of thousand people and the state – the NKR,»
Melikyan underscored.

The NKR President’s Advisor believes that recognition of Karabakh’s
independence by Azerbaijan will be the beginning of the way to
reconciliation. «Azeri authorities have to pay compensations to
Armenian refugees, as well as internally displaced Azeris. Some
territories controlled by the NKR Defense Army today play the role of
a security belt. After a reasonable period of time if the Azeri party
does not undertake those actions, the aforementioned territories,
along with their security function, may also become a resource for
compensation to Armenian refugees and a place for their re-settlement,
as citizens of the former Azerbaijani SSR they have the right to
settle in any of its parts they prefer and where their rights – first
of all that to life – are guaranteed,» he said.

Arman Melikyan also remarked that use of force should be censured and
punished, as full development of not only Azerbaijan and Karabakh, but
also entire the Black Sea/Caucasus region is not possible without