Union Of Painters Chair Rules Out Building on Union Exhibit Halls


YEREVAN, MARCH 24, NOYAN TAPAN. The two large exhibition halls of the
Union of Painters will be reconstructed by a new design, and no
building will be constructed on these halls, since it may endanger the
existence of this cultural center in the future. Chairman of the union
Karen Aghamian stated this at the March 23 press conference. In his
words, the studies on the building’s condition have revealed that it
is not seismic resistant, so construction of a multistoried building
on it is ruled out. Moreover, it is dangerous to use the first floor
of the exhibition in its current condition – the main pillars contain
no concrete, and only the reinforcement remains. K. Aghamian
underlined that the union’s building, which was constructed in the
1940s and has not been repaired since that time, is need of major
repairs. “Of course, it would be more logical if this work would be
done by the Lincy Foundation, but repairs of the city street curbs was
considered more important,” the union chairman noted. In such
conditions the union had to find a sponsor to assist with repairs of
the exhibition halls. Last year the Rengema construction organization
assumed the implementation of this work on mutually beneficial
terms. K. Aghamian noted that after repairs the Union of Painters
will have an area of 1,000 square meters instead of the two exhibition
halls covering an area of 720 square meters. The first exhibition hall
4.80 meters high will have all the necessary lighting and technical
facilities in line with international standards, while the second hall
3,60 meters high is envisaged for graphic works. According to him,
the construction organization will be given the 3 floors being
constructed above the exhibition halls to use this area as
offices. The height of these three floors and two halls will not
exceed the former height of the building: by the new design, the
foundation was dug several meters deeper, so the former height of the
exhibition halls was reduced – to make them more comfortable. Karen
Aghamian assured that all contracts have been signed with the Rengema
construction organization, with the Union of Painters being considered
the building’s owner. According to him, neither he nor the union
board members would agree to other versions of the building’s repairs,
if they had even slightest doubts.