Isfahan: Buzabolyan: Convergence Is Core Of All Monotheistic Religio


Islamic Republic News Agency, Iran
March 19 2006


The Archbishop of Armenian Christian Church Nerses Buzabolyan here on
Sunday stressed that the identical origin of all monotheistic faiths
is the element of convergence among all divine religions and said any
insult to the sanctities of each of them would hurt the feelings of
the followers of other faiths as well.

The archbishop made the remark in an interview with IRNA here
Sunday on the sidelines of the “Global Conference on Constructive
Interaction among Divine Religions: A Framework for International
order,” which opened here Saturday with participation of 160 scholars
from 40 countries.

Buzabolyan commented that the spiritual tenets, shared by all the
divine religions, provide them with a common background in that all the
religions, believing in God as the central part of their faith, share
the basic principle that the oneness of God means all human beings are
equipped with wisdom to “feel and see” the presence of God in every
moment of their lives. That, he added, would definitely prevent them
from committing such silly acts as undertaking sacrilegious actions
against any of the divine religions.

He further hailed the ongoing inter-faith dialogue conference as the
first preliminary step towards establishing dialogue among divine
religions because, he said, it would certainly help promote unity
and solidarity among followers of different faiths in a number of
practical ways.

He believed the interaction and exchange of views among scholars
during the event would help them remove walls and barriers and wipe
out many baseless and hollow prejudices.

Archbishop Buzabolyan went on to express hope that the present
gathering would encourage many other similar events in other countries
resulting in establishment of a lasting dialogue among religions.

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