BAKU: Congress of world Azeris sets ambitious plans for future

Congress of world Azeris sets ambitious plans for future

Turan news agency
16 Mar 06

Baku, 16 March: The second congress of Azerbaijanis of the world is
over. The congress adopted several documents.

The congress considered it expedient to prepare a concept of the
diaspora’s activities. For a period to the third congress, it was
proposed to pay a special attention to the following issues:
consolidation of Azerbaijani communities abroad; setting up of
congresses of Azerbaijanis in America and Asia; setting up of the
world organization of Azerbaijanis; expansion of representation of
Azerbaijanis in foreign parliaments, state and municipal bodies;
holding a joint forum of Azerbaijani and Turkish diaspora
organizations; intensification of cooperation with the media;
organization of Sunday schools and other education and cultural
facilities; involvement of businessmen in the implementation of
social and economic projects in Azerbaijan.

A decision was taken to hold a congress of Azerbaijanis of the world
every five years. A sitting of the coordination council of
Azerbaijanis of the world will be held every year.

The congress urged that the Azerbaijanis of the world unite. The
congress appealed to international organizations, foreign
parliaments, heads of state and government over the Karabakh
conflict. The document urges them to denounce Armenia’s aggressive

The congress sent an appeal to UNESCO, informing the organization
about damage inflicted to Azerbaijan by the Armenian occupation of
Azerbaijani territories.

The congress elected the president of the Azerbaijani National
Academy, Mahmud Karimov, as chairman of the board of the organizing

[Trend news agency, Baku, in Russian 1842 gmt 16 Mar 06 reported that
the congress elected Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev as chairman
of the coordinating council of the Azerbaijanis of the world]

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