Kenya: Michuki questioned as ‘Armenian’ plot thickens

Michuki questioned as ‘Armenian’ plot thickens
By Andrew Teyie

Standard, Kenya
March 17 2006

Internal Security Minister John Michuki yesterday appeared before the
Parliamentary Departmental Committee on Administration of Justice and
Legal Affairs to explain why the Government raided the Standard Group.

He is said to have claimed the Government raided the Group two weeks
ago because the media group runs a propaganda unit.

Michuki further claimed that the Group intended to publish a series
of stories linking key government officials to the Al-Qaeda terrorist
group, sources close to the Committee said.

“It was a government action. The Standard Group has a propaganda
unit which wanted to run stories that key government officials have
Al-Qaeda links,” a source close to the committee said of Michuki.

Michuki and CID Director Joseph Kamau assembled an elite police unit
code-named Kanga to raid the Standard Group at I&M towers and Likoni
Printing Press two weeks ago in contravention of the law.

They switched off KTN and dismantled the printing press. They then
went ahead to burn the day’s edition of The Standard, which had rolled
off the press before carting away computers and accessories.

Before then, they terrorised and robbed staff, who were on duty.

Later, Michuki blurted out: “If you rattle a snake, you must be
prepared to be bitten.” He stated that the Standard Group was engaged
in subversive activities.

Internal Security Permanent Secretary Cyrus Gituai accompanied Michuki
to the Committee hearings at Continental House. Kabete MP Paul Muite
chairs the committee. Members, who attended yesterday’s proceedings
were Amina Abdala and Muchiri Gachara.

According to sources, Michuki claimed that the Group had also lined
up stories on the Akiwumi Tribal Clashes report. The stories, Michuki
reportedly told the Committee, were to portray key government officials
as organisers of the clashes.

The source said the Committee was told: “They (Standard Group) wanted
to publish stories on the Akiwumi report claiming that the current
government was involved in the clashes.”

The source said Michuki pleaded with the Committee to understand
government actions.

Speaking after the meeting, Committee chairman Muite stated that
they have summoned Police Commissioner Major-General Hussein Ali,
Kamau and President Kibaki’s Strategic Advisor Stanley Murage.

Muite said Ali, Kamau and Murage would appear before them on Monday.

“We want to know whether Murage attended the planning committee on
the eve of the raid,” stated Muite.

Muite stated that they would get to the bottom of the issue.

“The Committee put to him all questions and as a result we now want
Ali and Kamau to tell us their side of the story. We want to get
to the bottom of it instead of bandying allegations in the media,”
stated Muite.

Michuki is said to have told the Committee that the raid was carried
out by Kenyans and was sanctioned by the Government. It is unclear
why they had to be hooded and why they had to carry out the raid in
contravention of the law.

Michuki reportedly insisted that those who raided the Standard were
not mercenaries. He is said to have assured the Committee that the
Government is investigating the mercenaries claims and any links such
people may have to a certain Narc activist.

Late yesterday evening, Michuki sent a statement to newsrooms
confirming that the mercenaries claims were under “active” government

“The Government should be given an opportunity to carefully investigate
the matter devoid of political interference,” the statement said
in part.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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Emil Lazarian

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