Karabakh Issue – Global Security Problem


15.03.2006 19:00 GMT+04:00

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ “Territorial integrity of Azerbaijan”, “Nagorno
Karabakh Autonomous Region”, “liberated territories”… Theses are the
ungrounded notions imposed upon the Nagorno Karabakh Republic, former
NKR Deputy Defense Minister, lieutenant general Vitaliy Balasanyan
stated in an interview with Karabakh-online. In his words, the issue
is being purposefully politicized though it should be considered within
the legal field. “What does the expression security belt mean? I don’t
know such notion in the world practice when the territories belonging
by right are kept but even trees are not planted there. This notion
should be removed from the lexicon, recognize the NKR integrity within
its present borders and not follow the tastes of those who politicize
the issue artificially,” he underscored.

When touching upon the relations with the neighbor states, first of all
with Iran, Vitaliy Balasanyan noted that NKR is an independent state
bordering with Armenia and Iran. “During the pre-soviet period Iran
was Armenia’s age-old neighbor. Moreover Armenians made significant
contribution to the formation of the Persian State. We had common
interests including culture. We could jointly reconstruct and preserve
the monuments of Persian culture – mosques in Shushi and Aghdam. I
think we should use the border with Iran,” Balasanyan said.

He also reminded that the Karabakh problem is of pan-Armenian and
even global importance. “Some third states really attempt to cause
contradictions between the Armenian and Karabakh authorities. “I do
not notice any tension. Anyway the Nagorno Karabakh issue should be
over any personal ambitions,” the lieutenant general stated.

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