Georgian Authorities Responsible For Incidents Against Armenians InJ


14.03.2006 23:17 GMT+04:00

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ The Council of Javakhk NGO many times urged Armenian
authorities to pay proper attention to problems of Armenians in
Javakheti, to recognize the political element in those problems.

These calls were not answered, says a statement of the Council. The
message notes, “Encouraged by Armenian party’s indifference, the
Georgian party became more unruly. Three incidents against Armenians
happened within the past month, including the Georgian Orthodox Church
establishing a Diocese in the territory of Armenia and murder of an
Armenian in Tsalka.”

Statement authors keep the Georgian authorities and the Georgian
Orthodox Church responsible for all incidents. “Armenian authorities
also have their share of responsibility – they did nothing to solve
Javakheti problems. By their neutral stance they allow the Georgian
chauvinists acting that is fraught with dangerous consequences,”
the Council believes.

The statement calls to censure planned actions against Armenians,
discrimination and bind the Armenian authorities to demand
that Georgian authorities punish instigators of actions against
Armenians. “We demand that Armenian authorities along with those of
Georgia plan measures to solve all issues in Javakheti in a fair
manner. Javakhk Council will do its best to protect Armenians in
Javakheti and not to admit forcing out Armenians from Georgia. In
case it is necessary, it will counteract anti-Armenian provocation,”
the statement says.
From: Baghdasarian

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