BAKU: Azerbaijani And Turkish Diaspora Consolidate Their Efforts

Baku Today, Azerbaijan
March 10-16 2006

Azerbaijani And Turkish Diaspora Consolidate Their Efforts

Six hundred and fifty delegates from Azerbaijan and approximately 600
representatives of the country’s Diaspora from 44 countries will
participate in the second “Azerbaijanis of the World” Congress to be
held in Baku on March 16, head of the State Committee for Work with
the Diaspora Nazim Nbrahimov said at a press-conference today.

More than 220 guests have been invited to the conference, including
politicians, officials, deputies, and scientists.

A speech by President Ilham Aliyev is planned for the congress. The
main discussion will be the conception of Azerbaijan’s Diaspora’s
activity, and its relations with Turkey’s Diaspora. The creation of a
special working commission for preparation of the conception has been

The Congress will adopt an appeal to the Azerbaijani and Turkish
Diaspora which calls on them to consolidate their efforts.
Participants of the forum will also adopt an appeal on the Armenia-
Azerbaijani conflict.

Azerbaijan’s government is undertaking all expenses for organization
of this Congress.

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