Next Session Of Council Of CIS Government Heads To Be Held November


Pan Armenian
13.10.2005 20:54 GMT+04:00

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ Next session of the Council of CIS Government
heads is scheduled November 25, reported the CIS Executive Committee
in Minsk. Some 30 issues, 21 of which are ready for consideration,
are to be submitted for discussion. These include forming common
electric energy market of the Commonwealth states, complex of
medium-term measures to promote competitive production at the CIS
internal market and those of third countries up to 2010. The agenda
draft also includes the bill of Convention on Border Cooperation and
the issue of introducing changes and amendments to the provision on
Inter-State Council of Natural and Man-Caused Emergency Situations.

In the course of the session of the Council of CIS Government Heads 25
various documents are suggested to be signed without discussion. These
include agreements on foundations of harmonizing technical regulations,
on joint methodology of customs statistics in foreign trade, on
competition for Commonwealth Prize for achievements in production and
service quality, on concept of development of adult education in CIS
states, on cooperation in work with the youth. A significant part of
documents arranged for the signing is devoted to defense matters and
those of interaction between law-enforcement bodies. Specifically,
agreements on state interaction in fighting trafficking, trade of human
organs and tissues, on cooperation in struggle against hijacking, on
a bureau of coordination of struggle against organized crime and other
dangerous types of crimes are proposed for signing without discussion.

The set of military issues includes signing of documents on targeted
program for providing complex counteraction of CIS armed forces to
air force and means attacks, on making assignments for creation
and development of united antiaircraft defense system of the
Commonwealth states in 2006, on extending the term of implementation
of common programs of enhancement of the united antiaircraft defense
system. These and other questions were considered at the 25th session
fo the CIS Economic Council in Moscow October 12.