Turkey intolerance & hostility towards ROA hinder stability in Cauc.

ARMINFO News Agency
October 8, 2005


YEREVAN, OCTOBER 8. ARMINFO. Turkey’s intolerance and hostility to
Armenia and denial of the Armenian Genocide hinder stability and
constructive dialogue in the South Caucasus, Vice Speaker of the
Armenian Parliament, ARFD member Vahan Hovhannissyan said during the
NATO Rose Roth seminar in Yerevan today.

On the other hand recognition of the genocide would give guarantees
of regional security. Meanwhile Turkey is trying to drive Armenia out
of the regional processes by initiating the construction of
Baku-Ceyhan oil pipeline and Kars-Akhalkalaki-Tbilisi rail road and
by preventing the operation of Kars-Gyumri-Akhalkalaki rail road.

Concerning Turkey’s charges that Armenia violates the Kars Agreement
Hovhannissyan says that Turkey breaks the agreement itself by
blockading Armenia and refusing to establish diplomatic relations
with the country. As to the charge that Armenia has occupied 20% of
Azeri territory Hovhannissyan says that having occupied Northern
Cyprus itself Turkey has no right to talk about it.

Hovhannissyan says that Turkey’s admission into the EU may lead to
the opening of the border and the recognition of the Armenian
Genocide. The whole policy on united Europe is based on tolerance and
repentance – the notions alien to Turkey.

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